DJ Biography

Professional Club DJ & Music Services

More than 15 years of professional DJing in clubs, bars and venues all around Greece and Cyprus, with continuous residencies and guest appearances at events and parties.

With endless passion for music, years of experience in the most demanding venues and deep knowledge of different genres, your event is guaranteed to get to the highest levels of entertainment.

Looking for pro music services for your event?

If you are looking to book a professional dj or if you want the best music services for any kind of party, you are at the right place.

With sounds from the Greek and International music scene, current hits and past decades, always according to the choices and preferences of you and your guests/customers. Available for booking for the following:

Night Clubs & Bars

Beach Parties

Corporate Events

Private Parties

School/Kids Parties



Birthday Parties

Speaker Hire

Equipment Rentals

Apart from several weddings, corporate events and private parties, I have collaborated with many venues in Greece and Cyprus since 2005.
Some of the Clubs and Bars that have trusted me with their dj booths throughout the years are listed below:

Resident Dj at:

  • Yoga Dance Club (Patra)
  • Poco-Poco Beach-Bar (Aigio)
  • Karma Club (Patra)
  • Semis Cafe-Bar (K.Achaia)
  • Taj Mahal (Rio)
  • VOG Club (Patra)
  • Thea Summer Bar (K.Achaia)
  • YMCA DanceFloor (Patra)
  • Ionian Beach Bar (Lakopetra)
  • Bocca Cafe-Bar (Patra)
  • Plori Bar (Milos Island)
  • Xenos Bar (Patra)
  • Le Patron (Patra)
  • Poco-Poco Day & Night (Patra)
  • A:M Cafe-Bar (K.Achaia)
  • SAO Beach Bar (K.Achaia)
  • Garden Room (K.Achaia)
  • Yiamas Greek Bar (Patra)
  • Tsoli’s Beach Bar (Aigio)
  • Barley’s Bar (Limassol)
  • Second Cup Down Town (Nicosia)
  • Giraffe Cocktail Bar (Limassol)
  • Black Rabbit Bar (Limassol)
  • Boho Restobar (Limassol)

Guest Dj at:

  • Sea Through (Rio)
  • Casino Rio (Patra)
  • Nitro Club (Amaliada)
  • B_Kouti Cafe Bar (K.Achaia)
  • Karamela Club (Nafpaktos)
  • La Sueno (Varda)
  • Cabana Club (Patra)
  • Aktaion-NISI (Patra)
  • Avli by Loft (Patra)
  • Brio bar (Rio, Patra)
  • Soho Bar (Patra)
  • Chaplin (Patra)
  • Sandhill (Kalogria)
  • Pantheon Bar (Pyrgos)
  • Deja Vu (Varda)
  • Koralli Beach Bar (Niforeika)
  • Anthologio (K.Achaia)
  • Opa Summer Club (Kaminia)
  • Laloy Bar (Patra)
  • Lakoo Bar (Patra)
  • Marina Breeze (Limassol)
  • A Club (Ayia Napa)
  • Patio Cocktail Bar (Nicosia)
  • Woodman’s Pub (Limassol)
  • Gerrard’s Bar (Limassol)
  • Guest Cafebar (Limassol)
  • Frankies Social Bar (Limassol)
  • 7-Seas Columbia Club (Limassol)
  • Ama Beach Bar (Limassol)